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Coffee bars

Coffee Snack Bars in Sougia

Sougia has several coffee snack bars. Most of them are located at the seafront of the village. They open early in the morning serving breakfast, coffee, fresh orange juice, and a variety of other snacks. Later at night, they offer great drinks and cocktails. Not only do they offer a friendly, quiet and scenic environment, but also a lovely, beautiful, and charming view of the sea.


Please find below a short description in alphabetical order. Click on the name of its coffee, so as to see their exact location on Google Maps.

The café Erontas - Diktamo is located right on the seafront of the village of Sougia.

It is open from 8.00 in the morning until late at night and serves breakfast, tasty snacks and many delicious salads.

They also have a good selection of coffees, fresh juices, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits and cocktails.

Lotos Music Café is located at the central square of Sougia. Aside from the fact that you are able to have a lovely coffee and a homemade sweet overlooking the sea, what makes the difference between Lotos and the rest coffee places, is the fact that organises special musical events and tournaments, such as tavli tournaments.

Raki Bar

Raki Bar, which took its name from the popular drink of Crete, is located 50m north of the center of the village. It is a place where you are able to have your drink, looking at the life of the main street of Sougia. Maria, the owner, will be there to offer you cold raki, rakomelo, and loads of other drinks.

Santa Irene is a family owned Snack Bar overlooking the beach of Sougia and the Libyan Sea. Open from early in the morning for breakfast till late in the night it offers a great selection of drinks, coffee and quality snacks. Michalis and his family create a friendly atmosphere and servise, that complements the great quality since 1993.

Seaside is located at the east side of the village, passing through the dried river of Sougia. It offers a great atmosphere, with beautiful tree and flowers, a wonderful view to the sea, and an ideal environment to relax and enjoy your drinks or snacks.

All Day Bar - "Carpe Omnious"


As true lovers of coffee, we serve the highest quality espresso Da Vinci “Leonardo” blend, 100% Arabica coffee. Enjoy also, fresh daily's extraction granita espresso with whipped cream, Cretan breakfast, fresh juices made from whole fruits and vegetables, great tasting cold beverages including signature iced tea cocktails recipes, single origin chocolates, daily desserts, and more.



Sisha & Cocktails

Relax and indulge in an original shisha experience while enjoying the view of the crystal- turquoise waters of Sougia. Choose among our 16 special tobacco blends and observe the shisha preparation ritual. Elevate your experience by enjoying one of our exclusive cocktails, handcrafted with unexpected ingredients, which the executive mixologist of Smaragdus creates only for you.


Smaragdus, forget have you have seen before...

Sougia Paradise is a pure paradise. A coffee snack bar with a very beautiful and attentive atmosphere, made with special care and attention by the owner of the bar, Mathios.

It is a unique place to chill out, relax, and have your coffee or your drink. Sougia Paradise is located in the east of the village, passing through the dried river.

Syva is a family run coffee snack bar, which is located at the seafront of Sougia. Apart from its great sea view, it offers a great selection of drinks and snacks, where some of them are hard to be found elsewhere. In the night, Mathios and his friends make delicious cocktails that you should definitely try them. if you would like to check your emails or use the internet, Syva offers some computers to use.

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