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Useful Information


Unfortunately, there is no pharmacy in Sougia; therefore, we suggest you bring any medicine that you feel could be useful during your stay. The nearest pharmacies are in Kantanos and in Palaiochora, which are 27km and 32km away respectively.


ATM/Cash Machine

There is an ATM/Cash Machine in Sougia, which is installed outside of the infirmary of Sougia, 50m north from the main square of the village. According to its private company, it will operate from April till October.


Gas Station

It would be wise to fill up your car before visiting Sougia. The nearest gas stations are in Agia Irini, Kantanos, and Palaiochora, which are 19km, 27km, and 32km away respectively.


There is an infirmary in Sougia, which is located 50m away from its center, and operates 2 - 3 times per week. If you believe that it is something serious, it is recommended to visit the closest medical center, which is situated at Kantanos, 27 km away from Sougia.

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