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Sougia Village

Sougia Village & Beach

Sougia is a small, graphical, and picturesque village, which is located in the southwest of Chania Prefecture. 65 km away from the city of Chania, it is a place that remains unaffected by what we call “mass tourism industry”, preserving its warm and friendly character. It is a perfect place for peaceful holidays in a fantastic landscape.


In front of the village lies a lovely, long, and wide beach (1.2km) with crystal clear deep water, which is also considered as the longest beach in the southwest of Crete. You will never feel that this beach is crowded due to its size. The eastern part of the beach is not organized, and it is preferred by naturists and nudists, which is not compulsory, in contrast with the rest part of the beach, which offers umbrellas, sunbeds, and showers.


As regards its infrastructure, facilities, and amenities, Sougia offers more than 20 accommodations, more than 8 restaurants/taverns, more than 5 coffee/snack bars, and few shops and mini markets, which will assist and cover most of your needs or requests. It is worthwhile to mention that most of the businesses are family run businesses, which pay special attention to serve their guests. At this point, it is useful to refer that if you are looking for shopping therapy in Sougia, unfortunately this is not the right place for you.


As a place, Sougia could be strongly suggested to people who want to relax and find their peace, far away from their busy way of life or daily routine.  


Additionally, it is highly recommended to people who want to remain active during their holidays or seek for adventure. Sougia could be considered as a great hotspot or starting point for several mountain walks such as the Samaria Gorge, Agia Irene Gorge, Lissos, Tripiti, and various other walks. Moreover, there is enough space for running or trekking.


Last but not least, Sougia could also be an excellent choice for families. Parents should not worry about cars, traffic, or motorcycles. They are able to let their kids play around without feeling scared that something could happen. Sougia is considered as a pretty safe place.


If you believe that this is the right place for you, if you believe that this is what you are looking for, Sougia is more than ready to welcome you!

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