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Running in sougia

Running in Sougia

Running, jogging or even walking are some the most favourite activities of the visitor of Sougia. Early morning or late afternoon, you will see some people getting ready to take their daily dose of exercise. We have created two maps with the most popular routes for those activities.


It is useful to mention that despite the fact that both routes take place in the main roads of the village, they are not considered as dangerous due to the low or no traffic in Sougia.


Route 1

As you can see below, this route is actually the cycle of Sougia. The total length per cycle is almost 2 kilometres. This route is not considered as easy due to the low elevation differences. It is usually the favourite route for those who would like to do some walking.

Route 2

This route guides you to the end of Agia Irini Gorge. The total distance is almost 5 kilometres, one way. The difficulty of this route is considered as medium to high, depending on the shape of the runner, due to the great elevation differences of the route.

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