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Restaurants in Sougia

Sougia has nine restaurants, which most of them offer Greek/Cretan cuisine. Due to the fact that Sougia is not a mass touristic village, you will not find foreign cuisines or fast foods. On the other hand, we believe that most of the people who come to Crete want to try local delicacies.


All of these restaurants have their own specialities, and it is advised to try them all, if possible, during your stay in Sougia.


Please find below a short description in alphabetical order. Click on the name of its restaurant, so as to see its exact location on Google Maps:


It is a small family run tavern, which offers delightful traditional Cretan cuisine, in a beautiful and quiet environment. Even though it is located in Moni, 5km away from Sougia, it definitely worths to be visited.


Apart from many Cretan and Greek dishes, they offer a list of specialities, which combine the past with the present. Wild Goat is one of their popular dishes.


It is a restaurant that offers a really wide range of dishes. They offer great meat and fish specialities. One of their popular dishes is fish soup.


A restaurant that offers traditional Cretan cuisine recipes, made by local fish and meat, some of them are difficult to be found elsewhere.


Jean-Luc Delfosse, the owner and chef of this restaurant, has chosen his own culinary path. Omikron is a restaurant that offers a more international cuisine and creative dishes.


Polifimos is popular for its grilled food. The menu also offers a variety of homemade starters and seafood. The most popular dish is kontosouvli, which is absolutely recommended. During the season, the owner organizes live Cretan or Greek music nights.


Its friendly owners offer a great variety of Cretan dishes, with a wide range of appetizers, and many vegetarian options, most of them made with fresh local ingredients.


  • Smaragdus

Having the sea as a background of the incomparable natural beauty, you can choose a wine to your liking from the restaurant’s wine list which includes some of the best Cretan and Greek vineyard labels. Their high-quality dishes prepared using quality ingredients, combined with the high aesthetics of our restaurant, create a unique atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

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