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Sougia - Elafonisi

Elafonisi is considered as one of the most popular destinations and excursions, especially for visitors who decide to spend their holidays in the west side of Crete, like Sougia. It is a place, which is praised and admired by many guides and websites all over the world. For instance, in 2016, TripAdvisor ranked Elafonisi as the 2nd most beautiful beach in Europe.


Unfortunately, the popularity of Elafonisi has removed the main characteristic of the place, which is its wild beauty. Many visitors and guests flood the beach, and sunbeds cover the surface of the place.


Nonetheless, it is still possible to enjoy the real beauty of the place. At the end of the road, walk across the lagoon to the island, which is naturally protected. Keep walking along the beach until you find a quiet place where you can stay and admire the place.



Based on the photo below, Google offers three different ways in order to go from Sougia to Elafonisi by car. We will recommend you to use the blue one. We firmly advise you to not use the others, since they are considered dangerous, unpaved, and dirt roads. The duration of this road trip is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and it definitely worths it, since Elafonisi is a place that you "have to" visit when you come to Crete, and especially if you stay at the west side.

Sougia to Elafonisi
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