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Sougia - Paleochora

Paleochora is a small town, which is located almost 32 km away from Sougia. It is considered as one of the most popular excursions when someone visits Sougia. It is a short road trip, which offers the opportunity to our guests to see this town, to swim, to look around, to go shopping, and in general to spend some time in a different place and environment.


According to the map that we have attached you below, there are two ways that you can choose in order to visit Paleochora. Both of them are good and asphalt. The blue one is quicker and the road is wider, in contrast with the grey one, which is a bit longer, sometimes it becomes narrow, however the view and the landscape is better.


It is useful to mention that some of the people choose one of them to go to Paleochora, and the other one to return so as to be able to see both of them. The decision is yours!

Sougia to Palaiochora
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