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Crete, third best destination in the world for 2017

On an annual basis, Times announces the top 10 destinations in the US, and the 7 top destination in the world. According to their awards, in 2017, Crete was ranked 3rd.

Based on their article, Crete has world famous attractions, such as the Palace of Knossos, beautiful beaches, and great restaurants, serving fresh seafood, homemade raki and cheese.

It is useful to mention that Times pointed that now is a good time to visit Crete, since the prices of the airline tickets and hotels have been decreased.

Last but not least, Times advices tourists to visit Elafonisi and Balos.

Please find below the complete list of the top 7 destinations in the world for 2017, based on Times:

1. Hanoi, Vietnam 2. Bali, Indonesia 3. Crete, Greece 4. Cusco, Peru 5. Paris, France 6. Marrakech, Morocco 7. New Delhi, India

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