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Rescue Operation Successful: 71-Year-Old Belgian Hiker Found and Safely Recovered in Sougia

A 71-year-old Belgian hiker had a fortunate ending to the adventure he experienced in Eastern Selino.

Based on our information, the 71-year-old started with his wife from Sougia to go to ancient Lissos. However, during the journey, his wife decided to stop the walk and return to Sougia, while the 71-year-old continued on to Lissos.

On his way back, he lost his orientation and got lost in a rugged area, injuring his leg in the process. A rescue operation was immediately launched to locate him, but communication was lost with the 71-year-old during the night, intensifying the anxiety.

Rescue team trying to locate Belgian hiker

Finally, early this morning, rescuers located him on a difficult trail. The location was so challenging to approach that a maritime rescue operation was conducted. The 71-year-old was transported to Sougia, where an ambulance awaited to transfer him to the hospital.

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