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They ask for the end of free camping!

The members of Professional Sougia Association have asked the receive of direct initiatives from the Police Department, regarding the protection and shielding of the eastern section of the beach of Sougia and its archaeological site.

The members of the association, with their written letter to the Police and Archeology Department of Chania, are making very serious complaints about the "situation" that has prevailed for many years in the area.

The letter refers to the complete circumvention of the law on free camping and "criminal" behaviour by hundreds of holidaymakers, which alter the natural environment and cause damage to the archaeological site. In addition, it mentions the creation of permanent summer tents and structures, which are made and rent illegally during the summer period.

It is useful to mention that apart from the circumvention of the law on free camping, the eastern site of the beach has been characterised as an “A class archeological site”, which means that any interference, distortion, and modification of the place, is absolutely illegal.

These complaints are due to the forthcoming start of the new tourist season, so as all the legal and proper measures to be taken by the competent authorities, in order to "shield" the region from the phenomena of illegal caravan parking, the installation of tents, the interfere of the archeological site, and the black economy on the beach of Sougia.

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