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Limit to the number of visitor in Elafonisi & Balos

A new framework for the sustainable development of NATURA sites is called to be applied by the Managing Authorities in co-operation with the local government in order to end phenomena of abuses and arbitrariness that occur in areas of high traffic.

As regards Elafonissi and Balos, which every summer "sink" from people, controlled turnaround comes back as a proposed solution.


On the sidelines of the conference on the protection and sustainable development of the areas of the European network NATURA 2000 in Crete, which was launched at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture, the deputy Regional and Regional Planning Commissioner Nikos Kalogeris appeared in favour of a conditional ticket.

The possibility of developing partnerships to manage areas of the NATURA network is provided by the new law that was voted in February.

At the conference, which was organized by the Region of Crete, specialists from Greece and abroad presented good practices of sustainable management and protection of NATURA sites.


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