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Two tourists were injured in Paleochora and Sfakia

Good end to the adventure of two tourists who were injured in Paleochora and Chora Sfakion.

At 12.30 pm, in Paleochora, rescuers of Kantanos - Selinos Fire department were asked to help a 67-year-old tourist who fell to a difficult point on the Voutas - Volakas trail and was injured in the leg (fracture) while he was bleeding.

The tourist was transported by stretcher to Voutas main road, and was taken by an ambulance of the EKAB to Kantanos Health Center.

In Chora Sfakion, rescuers from Anopoli Fire Department were called at 13.30 for a survival incident of a German tourist who broke her leg towards the exit of the Kallikratis gorge (Kapsodasos site).

The rescuers transported the wounded woman to a safe place from where she was taken by an ambulance of the EKAB to the local hospital.

Source: Haniotika Nea

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