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Samaria Gorge is finally open!

Samaria Gorge opened its gates this Friday. According to the announcement, "if the weather conditions change to an extent that will create problems for the smooth passage of the visitors, Chania Forestry Directorate will propose the regulation of the passage or the ban on the entry of visitors to the National Park".

According to the same announcement, "Samaria Gorge is a unique ecosystem with rare beauty. But crossing the path is a particularly painful process. On the occasion of the launch, some key points are made for the safety of the public and the region:

- The public can only walk along the main path and for no reason to walk away from the main path.

-The visitors have to comply with the National Park's rules and the content of the billboards, especially those referring to the dropping of stones.

- A great deal of attention is given to fire issues. Visitors are advised to be informed of the daily fire risk indicator. During the visit, they must notify immediately of any indication (eg smoke). Smoking is allowed only in restrooms. "

"The Gorge of Samaria is a monument of environmental and cultural heritage of our country and it is necessary to protect it.

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